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5 Star Barbering Made simple...

Parlae Cuts offers a timeless 5 star service to the senior community. Quality haircare is our goal. Typically salon care is offered. However, male residents miss out on proper grooming. Imagine giving them a look they can recall that warms their spirit and puts a smile on their face. Parlae Cuts is really a step above the typical solan care experience. We offer a personable high end service packaged together at an affordable price. We understand seniors are living on fixed incomes that is why we took initiative to offer high quality haircare at a reasonable rate. Never before has it been so easy to look your best! 

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At the Barbers

Timeless Look They'll Remember

Rather you're a lifestyle director at senior living facility or family of a senior and want to learn more about how Parlae Cuts aids seniors in looking their best. Sign up for a virtual meeting. 

How Does Parlae Cuts Benefit Facilities?

Simple Options

All services performed are packaged so that seniors really get the most out of what they are paying for. Seniors can expect a full service gentleman's haircut & beard shave or trim. 

Affordable Alternative

Many seniors are living on fixed incomes. The last thing they need is an expensive haircare service. This is why Parlae Cuts helps make life more simple. Barber services in the comfort of your enviornment. 

5 Star Barbering Service

Feel at ease knowing you're in good hands. Parlae Cuts in rated 5 stars across multiple review platforms. Quality haircare made simple.

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